2. Blessed Wilderness

That blessed Wilderness to which my soul fears to go. In its empty lands I see a peaceful dependence on God, which my heart has not known. There my life will be sustained by the simple manna of God’s word. For in this city I lean too presumptuously upon the wisdom of men, on the philosophies and learnings of the aged. In this city my God is shut out like the stars of heaven, which are so vividly seen in those wilderness’ skies.

There is a Light that will draw you in and a Love that will mend your heart. O that we may learn to softly kneel, slowly close our wandering eyes, and with a faith we barely understand and which often goes astray—pray to Him. I don’t know why, but He hears us. I don’t know what He sees, but He does not turn us away. My friends, praise Him for this. Amen.

~John Bryan

Book Recommendations: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan


1. Food and Mood

While studying the way Israeli judges pass their sentences, Jonathan Levav found that the favorableness of judicial rulings were high after breakfast, then decreased in leniency as the day progressed, only to spike back up after lunch (Corbin, 2011). Serotonin is the neurotransmitter involved in the positive boost of mood after a meal. Being both catalyzed and synthesized from the proteins in your meal, and secreted by the brainIt’s interesting to note what is written in Scripture, that after Christ fed the multitude, their mood changed.

They came to Him for food, and once their bellies were filled, their tongues made haste to proclaim Him King, even by force.

If you think that what you eat doesn’t affect how you think, think again.

~John Bryan


Reference: (Corbin, 2011)