John Bryan is  a Seventh-Day Adventist, currently studying Psychology at the University of Central Florida.

My blog is dedicated to the thoughts and ideas that may be sparked by the writing of my book. Some of the content on here may make it into the final product, others may not. As a psychology student, and a Christian, I try to make connections between the things I learn in class, and the things I learn at church.

If you’d like to help out by reviewing some of my chapters, and giving me your thoughts and criticisms, fill out the contact form below as a beta-reader:



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  1. John: I saw you liked my post “What is faith?” where I argue against religious belief. I looked on your blog to surprisingly find out you’re a 7th Day Adventist. I’m somewhat familiar with Adventism and Ellen White and kind of curious as to what made you “like” the anti-religious essay I posted.


    • Hello,

      It wasn’t so much because I agreed with you, but rather because I liked the topic you were discussing and how you argued it. I was in the process of self-publishing a book on the very subject. When I looked to see if anybody had written a blog on the topic, yours was the only one I found that not only mentions it, but actually argues the opposite of what I argue in my book. I enjoyed it, so I liked it.

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