18. The Language of God

Can we teach animals to speak? Indeed, from bees to primates, animals have sophisticated methods of communicating (von Frisch, 1973). But can we teach them OUR language? All attempts have mostly failed whether that language be spoken, signed, or makes use of lexigrams. Animals seem only able to communicate in the present tense, oblivious of anything outside the here-and-now. They are further constrained to a limited number of topics. Memorizing words to get rewards rather than to express new thoughts. If communication is ever possible, it must be in their terms not ours (Kako, 1997).

How then shall God communicate with man? For as high as the Heavens are above the earth, so are His thoughts above our thoughts. How shall He describe a world which our eyes have never seen, our ears never heard, nor entered into our imagination? Sometimes the best way to reach a group of people, is to send others who belong to that group of people; and the best way to teach them what they cannot understand, is to compare it to the things they can. For this reason we cannot take the humanity out of the Bible, nor would we want to. To reach people through people, through prophets and apostles, teachers and evangelists. This is God’s method. To speak the words of God through the words of men.

Consider Washoe, a chimp raised as a child in an attempt to teach her sign language. Yet as difficult as it was to teach her a handful of words, it was her adopted son, Loulis, who better learned and acquired the sign language by learning it from Washoe. Being taught by his own kind, by his own mother, he began to learn and acquire our language (Fouts, 1989).

Similarly, Christ not only stands as the Mediator between God and man, but as the Translator. We can only understand God through Him. The intangible divinity made manifest in the tangible humanity. In the simplicity of Earthly metaphors, Christ makes known Heavenly truths. He explains how the Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed, a net cast into the ocean, or a pearl of great price. He communicates to us by our terms and limits; and we learn and acquire the language of God through the humanity of Christ, our own kind. (John 1:14, NKJV).

~John Bryan

References: (Fouts, 1989) (von Frisch, 1973) (Kako, 1997)


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