17. Water

Where there is water there is life. Our own planet has about 70% of its surface covered by oceans, rivers, lakes and ponds (Pearlman, 2016). Even our bodies are made of about 60% water, distributed throughout the various tissues and vessels of our anatomy (Helmenstine, 2017). To say we don’t need water is to inevitably suggest we don’t need 3/5 of our body. Water has many important functions in our bodies, from temperature regulation to waste transport. Even our brains need to reflect this percentage, for proper functioning. Losing even a small amount of that percentage, as begins to occur in dehydration, will have grave physiological and medical implications.

God has ordained our need and dependence on water, and has used it to symbolize His Salvation. We’ve drifted along this saltwater sea of sin and hate, from which we drink only to thirst the more intensely. But He offers us fresh and living water, which our souls have been deprived of. Even baptism speaks eloquently on behalf of God’s grace. He could have required long pilgrimage on our knees, or to climb the tallest mountains, as a symbol of our Salvation. But rather, He says only be baptized. With a world covered in about 70% water, and most living people making their home no more than a few miles from a body of water, it is clear that God intended to save the entire world.

Where there is water, there is life. So let the one who is thirsty come (Rev 22:17).

~John Bryan

References: (Pearlman, 2016) (Helmenstine, 2017)


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