Thoughts for a Friend

Be confident, because the way you are is the way that the person who will love you will want you. Love is better than pity, so why do you seek pity over love? Sooner do we grasp the wind, than someone’s love that is meant for another. Jealousy is the most confusing and pervasive of human emotions. The catalyst that turns love to hate. It makes us look with intensity but not with accuracy. What is and what could have been, are so quickly pierced in that moment. A feeling lost at sea, due to an un-anchored love.

I cannot say I understand what a girl goes through in choosing the right guy. But I know God often claims for himself men whom the world would not. A man’s heart, a man’s sincerity, and a man’s godliness cannot be seen by you. There is a thief hanging on a cross that God has chosen for himself, and a young rich ruler whom He has denied.

I’m sure God can take two people, who will respect each other and keep their eyes on Him, and make them happy together. But there is still such a thing as the right and wrong person, even among Christians. Like the wooden yoke that pulls the plow, we who pull it must be equally matched. The person we choose to love can bring us and the families we create to the gates of Heaven, or away from it. So we must be careful. For not everyone who says “Lord, lord,” ought to have the keys to our hearts.

The arrogance of success, is thinking that what you have done yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow. For manna must be gathered daily.

Yet our capacity for guilt is so great that we can always find ways to blame ourselves. We are not good enough, in our own eyes. Those eyes which see the sun rising but not its light. Those eyes surrounded by love, yet seeing only the loneliness.  The song of birds ushers the morning, while the music of crickets welcomes the night. Yet no one realizes that we’ve all felt the same. We are a broken people, and they will know us by our love. Jn.13.35.


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