How To Overcome Worry

A book about overcoming worry, should not go against its purpose by inciting worry in its reader. Dr. Winfred Neely does a good job of that. The brevity of this book, with its short chapters, and short subsections, and relatable narrative, makes it easily digestible and appetizing. The author is speaking to you, as opposed to lecturing you, a style of writing well suited for the subject matter.

This book is meant to be spiritual as opposed to psychological. By that I mean you are getting Scriptural guidance as understood through the experience of the author. This point of view is much appreciated by someone like me, whose had to study anxiety, stress and worry from the scientific perspective.

Anxiety tends to be a perspective-driven emotion. Meaning that the way you are looking at the world is linked to the anxiety you are feeling. Change your perspective, and you’ll change your anxiety. This book provides just that, a change in perspective through the practical approaches found in Philippians 4:6-7.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in a Scriptural approach to anxiety.

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How to Overcome Worry


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