10. Turtles

Every story must begin somewhere. And this one begins on the seaside. Nature loves to hold on to mysteries, as if to disclose them meant she’ll lose a part of herself. For a long time it was a mystery how turtle hatchlings found the sea. Perhaps the gentle sound of waves was calling out to them, saying “Come, this is the way home.” But there is a stronger explanation. Not the call of the sea, but light from the moon glistening in the horizon (Rivas, et al., 2015). These turtles follow the moonlight as it reflects over the ocean. They keep their eyes on the light, and run straight to it to reach the freedom that the ocean brings.

Seldom is victory gained with little cost, and us as humans have added another costly obstacle in their already rough path. Light pollution from nearby cars, streets, and buildings have begun to disorient these hatchlings (Howell, 2013). Their gaze once steadfast, has now been compromised by the multitude of brighter, and more attractive lights. Not only do these lights lead away from the safety of the ocean, they lead them towards the dangers of streets and sewers.

We are not so different. In our Christian Pilgrimage, we hear the Voice of God speak, “Do you see yonder shining light? Keep that light in your eye, and go directly to it” (Bunyan, 1965). There are a multitude of lights, attractive and distracting, that will divert our gaze. Yet the Light of Christ is soft and steady, and anyone willing to keep their eyes on it, will find the shores of salvation. (Isaiah 45:22).

~John Bryan

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Reference- (Rivas, et al., 2015) (Howell, 2013) (Bunyan, 1965)

2 Comments on “10. Turtles

  1. John,

    I enjoyed reading your literary piece. You are a talented writer. I am glad you have decided to use your talent in honor of God and the benefit of humanity.



  2. I really enjoyed reading your story of the turtles and I didn’t know that about them following the light. Great the way you bought the story around to us as Christians. Relating the two makes it more real and down to earth I think for many. Thank you for looking at my blog and noting it so I ended up finding you and your words.

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