3. Fear of Flight

Plane crashes are devastating. It isn’t too difficult to recall all the planes that have been lost. The memory persists, and the list increases year by year. I cannot say that I have overcome my fear. I don’t fly often, therefore I don’t have to face that fear as often. Since I am located right under their path to the airport, planes seem to always fly over my house. I can see them from my window. Day after day. Hour after hour. I look out the window of my room as I lay in bed. I gaze up and see all the planes that are safely reaching their destination—it helps me.

Whenever I do fly, there is a strange comfort in knowing that the pilot is human like me. He is driven by the same fear and the same self-preservation. He wants to stay alive as much as me, he wants to get home to his family, and will do everything possible to ensure it. We share the same humanity.

Christ plays a similar role. There are many things in life that will create fear in us. There are many things about religion that may be as unknown as what’s outside the window of a plane. But there is one thing we do know. That He who is flying this plane, is a Man like me. We share the same humanity.

May we not lose sight of our Heavenly Pilot.

~John Bryan


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